Yescom is an energy services company

A Marketplace that integrates all types of Renewable energy sources.

Access to renewable energy is still expensive globally with the upfront development costs and other energy charges.Wastage or unutilized excess energy from renewables prosumers. Increased carbon footprint.


An online platform that performs energy exchange for generators and business consumers where energy consumers can buy renewable power directly from the Independent power producers.


A marketplace to connect the consumers with multiple renewable solutions which include solar leasing, Power exchange, Green PPA’s, Smart Grids, Energy Consulting,
EV-Charging stations, EPC.


Energy prosumers can solve the problem of system stability degradation and proliferation will increase the price competitiveness of distributed power sources and reduce electricity costs.

About us

Yescom is a start-up aims to Develop, Exchange, Improve, Increase the Renewables Globally and fight for Climate change.

Digital Marketplace

Which promotes the evolution of sustainable power systems from distributed energy resources (DER) as the main primary energy, including distributed generation(DG), distributed energy storage(DES), EV-Charging stations, Solar Leasing, Power Exchange, Green PPA’s, Smart Grids, Energy Consulting.



Traditional power trading is mainly unidirectional energy is usually transmitted from producers to consumers over long distances and trading market is regulated in a centralized manner by the grid.



The P2P trading encourages Multidirectional trading with in a local geographical area, Micro grids are best suitable.


All our energy is sustainably produced and generated from the Sun, Wind & Renewables.

Smart Grids

Solar leasing

EV charging stations

Energy consulting


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